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In this gallery, you will find certain of my first creations. My relation to the piece was at that time directly related to the spatial dynamics of my subjects. The choice of themes did not have too much importance for me at the time and was rather made according to demand. My artistic intention went towards the search for intensity. I was looking to reproduce the deployment of physical power, a power that took all its meaning when the perspective's effect was emphasized. The market I developed then enabled me to start my career while affording me a formal preliminary laboratory.

At the same time, I was studying at Laval University, in the Visual Arts Department. I had several run-ins with the art research milieu, which was accusing me of being dominated by the desire to seduce the market without having personal guidelines.

A professor and artist in particular, Mr. Claude Girard, made me think and completely re-evaluate my mode of creation. « You could just make variations on the dynamics you have been exploiting since your first pieces for the rest of your life, but would you advance doing that? You have to go beyond yourself... » he told me. From there, inside his workshops, he asked me to fill notebooks with ideas. I realized that, to go further in my thought process, I had to temporarily abandon the material and the technique in order to discover a freer and more personal imaginary universe. That realization led to the anamorphic grid that gave birth to everything that came after and that still applies in my work today.