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Consequently to a capital consciousness awakening (see Period 1), I gave myself the right to explore the world of my personal inspirations. Thanks to the research made during the preceding period, I was able to foretaste the richness of the optical language being offered to me. My creation was going to take new flight. In fact, I have discovered the possibility of working my sculptural deformations in parallel with their optical restoration.

This principle of tridimensional anamorphosis gives way to a paradox between reality and illusion. I am attempting to oppose a formally emancipated representation to a restored image (seen through a lens integrated into the sculpture) which corresponds to our usual vision of a subject. This optical illusion serves not only the form, but also my purpose, since my goal is to question the validity of our perception of reality. Through the choice of my subjects, I offer several points of view on the modern world to the onlooker's critical outlook. In order to understand the journey that led me to this series I invite you to read my artistic progression.

I wish to point out that it is thanks to the trust and the precious financial support of two faithful collectors that I was able to develop the following series.